Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cassia County Fair 2009

Stormie's face says it all!
Washing pigs before weigh in.
Fair time.... Kent grew up participating in the fair, so we did fair when Kenna and Charlie were young and now the tradition is being passed to my children as they participate in the Fair. We raise pigs for our 4-H projects and Shandler also takes a horse. We start in February and finish up at the sale in August when our projects pay off. Fair week is the social event of the summer and we spend all week at the fair nearly from dawn until dusk(often later)!. Kent takes vacation time to help the kids with their projects because I am a California girl and this is not up my alley. However, it is a great week and we all look forward to it. This year our friends had their 5th wheel trailer there and it was a lifesaver in more than one way!! Look for more posts to come on fair week, pigs horses and more!

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