Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our favorite shopping trip of the year!!!

Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory... taking cheesecake with us:)
Kris and I
Stormie, Kris and Chloe
Mom and Stormie in the car.... still feeling a bit loopey here:)

For three years Kris and I have taken our girls on a "Girls Only" shopping trip before school starts. The past two years we have gone to Boise but this year we ventured to Salt Lake and we had a fantastic time. Shandler had been invited to a dance camp, in which she was thrilled, so we missed her this year. We shop, laugh, share and spend time together and best of all calories are never counted on the shopping trip:) This year we had to quickly fit it in before fair and Lynn and Kris had a race. We decided to leave Tuesday but I had an early morning dentist appointment so we planned on about noon. For those of you that know me, you completely understand my anxiety when it comes to dental work. I had a crown that the dentist did not get on correctly and a crack that needed repaired-that news had me in dithers. I informed the dentist he would be taking care of both issues at one time AND I would like oral sedation. So for $4.76 I slept through the entire procedure!!! NICE!! The only problem with that was I also slept in the car all the way to Salt Lake and I snored, which provided great entertainment for Kris and Stormie. We stopped in Snowville, which I have a vague memory of but had a great nap the rest of the way. When we stopped to shop in Layton I was still a bit foggy and if Stormie would have played her cards right she could have loaded up and I would probably never had known it:) I finally started coming around and focusing while at dinner, Love the Cheesecake Factory. Thanks Kris for the great trip and I am so glad I was able to give you two a laugh!

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Whatever. I'm coming next year.