Saturday, August 8, 2009

He did it!!!

Where is he????
There he is.....
He's up!!!! WOOHOOO!!!

Sayger's goal this summer was to wakeboard! And with a small bribe and great bravery he made it up and he boards outside of the wake!! At first he would only go about 100 feet and then fall but now he goes in and out of the wake and stays up for a long time(from our house almost to Montgomery bridge) AMAZING. He sure looks little compared to the big ole river around him. He loves it and when his sisters ask their dad to pull them he is right in the middle of it asking if he can go too. It has been awesome to watch him this summer!!! Keep up the hard work Sayger!!

1 comment:

Wright Family said...

Wow buddy, way to got!!! You look awfully cute out on that river! Keep it up that way you can show me all of your cool tricks next year!