Sunday, August 16, 2009


Shandler's braces!
Open wide....
The tech that put Shandler's braces on posed for a quick photo

Shandler was a little nervous and a little excited with loads of butterflies in her tummy! She did great getting her braces on and did even better for the next few days. Her mouth was the most bothered from keeping it stretched open while having the braces put on. She did have wax on a few back teeth for a couple of days but was a trooper!! The dentist said 18 months if she follows all the rules and maybe sooner! He made me a deal.... He would buck her teeth out and space them inches apart, that way the boys would not even look at her and then when she was around 25 he would fix them and make her beautiful. The best part is I wouldn't have to pay anything until she turned 25! She was not impressed with that idea so I guess were working on the 18th month plan!

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