Friday, November 28, 2008


Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday. You can ask anyone that know me! I love it. The day after Thanksgiving is mine for decorating and my entire family knows that on Friday our home is transformed. I have spent years gathering and working to decorate each room. It is a work in progress but I love it. Kent would like it more if there were less plastic tubs under the house to drag out. However, this year I gave up the icicle lights and he was thrilled... He hates the upkeep of those lights. Last year Kenna and Chip cut us a green tree on their trip to the mountains, it was just as tall as this one, and Kent left before I decorated it. I spent two days putting on the lights and just when I reached the end of and began to plug the lights in I had put them on backwards and had no way of plugging them in. I was sick and cranky! I had to take them off and re-do the entire tree. This year Kent was home to help. We started at 5:30 and finished around 8:40. Putting the lights on a tree this tall takes up the most time. I had a new idea this year and tried it on the tree. The tree turned out beautiful! I love it.
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Chase and Dani said...

I love your tree! I can't believe it takes that long to get all the lights on...glad you had help this year!

...Chase is flying out a few days before Christmas so we can spend more time with everyone. We'll call you guys, it has been way too long since we've seen you!!

I love that you have a blog now helps to at least keep up a little!