Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall-One of our favorites!

One of Kent's new hobbies is photography. He has a new camera is learning the ins and outs from Jason. I loved these pictures of the fall leaves he took in Oregon when he was there for a Dealer Review. Kent"s job has afforded us many things but it is not always easy being a single mom week after week. I am very impressed and have a great admiration for those mothers that do this daily. My hat is off to you! I know at the end of each week my husband will return and family life will continue. I am very proud of Kent and his ability to succeed at everything he does. I am lucky to have a strong personality and the ability to be independent or this would be far harder than it is. There are often days I shed a tear or two or huff in anger as I take care of something I know he would do if he was here. I do owe a great big THANK YOU to my mother who has been my saving grace on a number of occasions. She helps me transport children, get after school snacks and listens to my complaints.
This is one of Kent and I's favorite seasons and we are so thankful for so many things. We love the area we live in. We have such great friends and family. The mountains in front of us and the beauty of the river directly behind us. We love our children, all five, and feel fortunate to be given the opportunity to have raised them and still be raising them. We are thankful for our good health. A very dear family member has been diagnosed with cancer and is facing the battle of a lifetime. This has flooded my mind with memories and fear for the past and future. We are thankful for our good jobs and especially at this time with what the economy is faced with. I think most of all we are thankful for the gospel, for the knowledge we have and can share with our family. We are thankful for our membership in the church, the ability we have to raise our children with the love of Christ in their daily lives and in our homes.
Thank you for taking the time to read our blog! It means you have taken a few minutes of your day to check on us. It is my way of keeping up with my family as I watch them change before my eyes.
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jana said...

Hi Kim, I feel like I'm intruding a bit, but when I occasionally check out Holly's blog, I venture a little deeper into blogisphere to see what's happening with the rest of ya.
You have a great family! I love that you are expressing the sentimental side of being a wife and mother and the great blessing it is in your life. We are truly fortunate and it's so easy to feel tender about our greatest blessings.