Sunday, November 2, 2008


My children love Halloween! They always have. Sayger was a Star Wars action figure, but the school would not allow masks this year so he paraded with out it. He really didn't like it much anyway, he said it made things blurry. However, the gunwas big hit and I was wishing by the end of the night his dad would have never found batteries for it. Shandler was a little devil, which is sometimes closer than we would like. She was very cute and the costume was darling. Stormie was a Cosmic Fairy, but she was at the Declo play off game and was not about to miss it, she had a Halloween party the next night with her friends and looked adorable. We love trick or treating at Grandma Greats, she has wonderful treats. We also like Grandma and Grandpa Kidd's they treat us well!! We had a very fun packed late night-thank goodness the clocks were set back.
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