Monday, November 24, 2008

Searching for the perfect tree!

Stormie and I scouting out the perfect tree!
They left me!
We found one and Sayger was eager to help out!
One night we were talking about Christmas and Ryan mentioned going to get our own trees, Jason had just finished an article int he magazine too, so this year we all decided to find our own tree in the mountains that are right in our own backyard. With Ryan, Brandy Nicole,Marty, Jason, Lori and all of our kids we spent the day in the mountains of Almo. We took a huge pot of homemade chili, cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. Jason took family pictures(that is why we all have matching red on) and we had a wonderful day. Stormie, Shandler and Sayger darted all over the mountain searching for the perfect tree. I like a certain kind so I was being picky. Finally we settled on two, I could not choose. In the end the fuller and taller tree won. Brandy was glad I finally picked one because she likes the same kind of tree so she picked the second one I liked. It worked out perfect. Sayger is such a boy too... he was so eager to cut a tree down, he carried the saw and couldn't wait for us to find the tree we wanted. At every tree he would say "How about this one?" -even if the tree was half dead or dried up.It was a great experience and I know it will live in the memories of my children forever. The weather was perfect and there was just enough snow on the ground for it to look like winter. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and traditions are an important part, I believe this will now become a family tradition. Thanks to all of our friends for enjoying the day with us we love you all!
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The Kidds said...

Ok- call me the ultimate city slicker because I had no idea that this was something people actually do until this year. I thought trees came from the tree lot. But I think this looks like so much fun! I love the pictures of your family!