Friday, November 28, 2008

We love the game! Go SHOCK!

Shandler was invited to be a player on a traveling team. The travel between Burley, Rupert and Twin Falls. Her team will play into the month of February. Tim and Lori Henrickson are the coaches and they do such a great job. We went to Twin Falls last weekend to watch her play back to back games. Three of the girls on her team had other obligations, so there were no subs. Shandler and her team mates had to play their entire game. Their only rests were time outs! They only lost by six points and they were all exhausted. They played hard! After the game we went to Sonic for a small snack, I warned the girls not to eat to much, since they were the only players there, I did not want to see them throwing up on the court. They were great sports and I know after this first set of games they will practice differently this next week. GO SHOCK!
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