Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stormies #1 Fan!

John Charles and the sign!

Each year we have family come to visit from Missouri. They love to do things with our kids. For the last two years John Charles has come to support Stormie while playing basketball. He even makes a sign and cheers and claps for her. At first she was embarassed but this year I think she was looking forward to it. GOOO Hornets!
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Courtney said...

How fun!! That's neat they get to come and visit you each year. Cute sign too!

...AND you guys are all so GORGEOUS! Even after a game, Stormie looks dang cute! I love her hair.... looks like it got cut and colored?!

Chase and Dani said...

oppps! Sorry...I didn't realize that my sister was signed in, that last message was from me!!