Friday, November 28, 2008


Grandma Great's birthday is the day after Thanksgiving so we had a cake for desert. Sayger helped her blow out her candles.She turned 85 this year. We are very lucky and blessed to still have her with us. We all adore her and she means a great deal to us.
Both of my girls love pumpkin pie...or whip cream with a little pumpkin pie ont he side.
Auntie Brooke, Curtis and Uncle Tom. Whew... we just ate!
Every year we celebrate Thanksgiving at Grandma Great's house. She is my grandma Nola. She makes the best turkey stuffing and everyone loves the homemade noodles in the gravy. We all eat, visit, eat some more, sometimes watch the game, eat and visit some more. The kids all play downstairs, cards and various games. This year was a bit quieter than usual. Uncle Dick stayed in Boise and Dakota went to the Matthews. That's okay. It was still yummy, and less people means more left-overs!!! HA! HA!
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