Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1st Annual Jay Kidd Family Reunion

Lydia was dying to fish and caught one!!

Tyson and Katie-Terrel's youngest sonTerrel-Karen-GrandmaKenna-Sydney
Stormie and baby Kate
Hanging out in the sunshine
Rigdon and Treg playing in the river

Auntie Jackie in the tube with Tyler

Are you sure it is safe??
Jared relaxing on the lawn!!
Ricky and grandpa in the shade.
Terrels family...
Kenna shaded up....
Jenni, Jessica and Auntie Jackie
Kelly, Elizabeth and Chloe
In the shade of the tent, Kelly, Jan, Chloe and Elizabeth
Fishing again....
Life guard Stormie on duty!!!
Dan and Chad Chip enjoying a nap in the sun
Sydney and Jenni
Kenna and MaKendrie
Making gumbo for the reunion
Our family is growing so large that it is difficult to get everyone together so the decision was made to host a reunion each year with one of the sons in charge-Kent volunteered us for the first year. This summer we hosted the first Kidd family reunion in our back yard. The weather was not co-operating and it was pretty breezy and just a bit of a chill was in the air but for the most part it was a fun day. We had all six brothers here and most of their families. Grandma and Grandpa bought the meat and Kent cooked it on the BBQ. Ricky made authentic gumbo, the kids fished and played in the river and it turned out to be a fun afternoon.

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The Kidds said...

I know I'm a little late on noticing that you had updated your blog- but I love the pictures and the family reunion was SO much fun at your house this year! Thanks for having everyone over- it can't have been easy!