Monday, March 21, 2011

BABA Baseball

Sponsored by Norther Stone

Sayger has played in the BABA baseball for several years. This year Juan and I decided to coach the team together. We held practices two days a week and tried to get to the batting cages as often as we could. We had players as young as 5 on our team and as old as 9. Some had played since they could hold a ball and for two of our boys it was the first year they had ever played. They were a great bunch of little boys and I had a blast coaching them!!! Several people questioned my ability to coach but we had a winning team. One of our players never showed up to play, one player hated it so badly so his mother took him out of the program and one player's dad did not like the idea of a woman coach so he was also removed from the program. So our team was short three players and my little boys were faithful. Juan and I talked to them about being committed to their team and they never missed a game. One little guy even had STREP but begged his mom to come so he didn't let the team down and miss a game!!! One missed the first few days of his vacation so he could be there for the playoff game. We loved those little boys and in the end our team took third and won a trophy....they were so proud!!!! It was a great experience and I LOVED it!!!

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