Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 15th Birthday Stormie!!!

Double Chocolate Cake balls for Stormie's birthday!!

Opening gifts with helpers....

Isn't she beautiful?????
Love this girl and her funny personality!!! Stormie's 15th birthday celebration!!! What a girl. I can not believe she is really 15. those years have gone by so fast!!!! These are a few of the things I love about Stormie.....
* She is the biggest helper, no matter what the situation or who it is, she will jump in to help where ever she is needed
*Stormie is very sweet and thinks of others
*Stormie is a great student and gets really good grades
*Stormie is very kind to her siblings and helps them a lot!!!
*Stormie loves her family and will often come up, out of the blue, to give me hug
*Stormie is committed, once she sets her mind to it, it is done
*Stormie is very responsible
*Stormie has a silly personality and a contagious laugh
*Stormie is cautious of new situations and never jumps in with both feet, she surveys the whole situation first
*Stormie is a hard worker
*Stormie is great at defending her position and standing up for herself
*Stormie is the best daughter anyone could ask for!!

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