Monday, March 21, 2011

Sayger's SPECIAL Birhtday!!!

Cake Ball Cake at Sayger's request

Look at that handsome little boy!!! Nice tie!
This year is a special birthday, Sayger turns 8!!! What special occasion for our little man. He was so excited for his birthday. He requested a cake ball cake made of chocolate. It turned out so cute and very yummy. We had his cake ball cake with family the day after his friend party.
I find it hard to believe he is already 8. The time has went so quickly. He is a joy and we adore him.... Here are some things I love most about Sayger....
* He is very sweet and thinks of others
*He always has a big smile on his face
*He tells great stories
*He will come up and say "Mom, I forgot to give you something" and give me a big hug and kiss
*He loves to snuggle with me in the mornings and watch cartoons-something I know he will grow out of.
*He make cars sounds, truck noises and sound effects with everything he plays with
* I can put a hat on his head and he is ready to go!!!
*He has a cute laugh that is contagious
*He loves his dad and follows him around everywhere
*He does well in school but it is not his favorite thing to do
*I love that he is our caboose and is all boy!!
* He is still so innocent about things and often has us rolling in laughter.

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