Tuesday, March 22, 2011


During Spring Break I asked Kent to take the kids for an entire day so that I could put my portfolio together. For the last four years I have been taking one class a semester and one class each summer in order to complete my Masters Degree!!! I have done most of the courses on-line in interactive classrooms and I have to admit it has not been easy. I had some tough classes that really challenged me. I could have finished much sooner but did not want to sacrifice my family for a career choice. The good thing is I got the portfolio all put together. There were six sections and each section had to have three examples. I also had to put together a power point presentation which included sections of my portfolio. Kent helped me alot with the power point because Valmont put him through a training on power point presentations. I was scheduled to present my portfolio in April in which I presented the actual hard copy of my portfolio along with the power point. There were several principals from the area there and a professor from the University of Idaho. I volunteered to go first to get it done and out of the way. I needed to clear my stomach, which was turning and full of butterflies. The University takes your portfolio and two copies of your power point for the review committee, along with the review from your presentation to decide whether or not you graduate. I passed!! I now have a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership!!!

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