Monday, March 21, 2011

Stormie played softball for the high school this year. When summer rolled around she really wanted to continue to play for several reasons; to learn more about the game, to key in on some skills and to get better. We signed her up for BABA fast pitch 14 and up. She was pretty timid and told her coach she had played second base. Stormie had to miss the first two games and practices because the high school had made it to state and she could not play on two competitive teams. When she could finally play her coach put her in at second and she did great!!! She gained confidence, learned a few things and made some new friends. Towards the end of the BABA season the pitcher they were using was tired and struggling. Kent was standing by the coach and told her to try Stormie. Stormie said "NO!" but her dad talked her into it and they put her in. She did AWESOME!!!! Her coach was so surprised and said if she had known she would have been working with Stormie the whole time!!! What a confidence builder those few games of pitching were: her entire team rallied around her, patted her on the back and made her feel incredible!!! Their team was eliminated in the playoffs but it didn't hurt her feelings she had a new goal for the summer!!! We called a man from our ward that pitched in a professional softball league and he was thrilled to work with Stormie....he had nothing but great things to say about her and has done wonders for her confidence too. We set up a pitching area with straw bales for her to work on accuracy. We sent her to a pitching clinic at CSI and she did wonderful there too!!! She committed herself to getting better and I am so proud of her and the hard work she has put in....she loves softball!!!

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