Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sayger's Baptism

Treats to celebrate!!!

Our family....Stormie, Charlce, Kenna, Shandler and Sayger.....four beautiful girls and our handsome son!!

So proud to be this little boys mom and dad!!!
Baptism partner and good friend...Jaden Jenkins
Look at those smiles...what handsome boys!!

Two of my favorite guys!!!!!!
Sayger had to wait until the first part of June for his baptism, June 5th! It was a very busy weekend and we had alot going on, it was also Stormie's birthday so we had one event after another. We had a baseball game, got home just in time to change, get Sayger dressed, grab the treats and head to the church. Jaden Jenkins and Sayger had birthdays close to one another so they shared a baptism day. Each family took a little part in the program. Sayger had asked Chip to speak at his baptism. He spoke about what baptism is and why be believe it is important!! He did a great job and gave a good message to Sayger and Jaden. Sayger's dad baptized him....which has been a blessing for our entire family. Kent baptized me, Kenna,Charlce, Stormie, Shandler and now Sayger. Stormie played the violin while the boys and their dads changed clothes. She played I Am a Child of God and Joseph Smiths First Prayer. Jaden's grandpa talked to the boys about the Holy Ghost and gave a wonderful example of having a best friend. He talked about the Holy Ghost being their best friend and since they were best friends they could help each other make the right choices and keep the Holy Ghost with them. Each of the boys was confirmed and we headed for the kitchen for treats!!!! I was a little apprehensive of sharing a baptism since I always thought it was for each child individually but those two boys have been great friends and it was a very spiritual day with heartfelt messages prepared for those two boys to hear. It was special to see them share this experience together and I really believe it has created a lifelong bond between these two boys!!
Sayger Max Kidd
June 5, 2010

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