Monday, March 21, 2011

Playing Softall-6th Grade Fast Pitch!

A year after the Declo Rec. Can you believe how much she changed and has grown!!! Crazy!!! She also improved alot in 6th grade ball. She asked if she could play BABA ball so I signed her up. Her coach called and I explained that Shandler had never played this type of softball. She assured me they would work with Shandler but several of these girls had been playing for years together and that it would not be easy for Shandler. I was worried for her. We went to the first practice, I had to run a few errands so I came back to get her around the time practice would be finished. Her coach walked with her to the car and I was thinking this is going to be a sad ride home. Instead she asks if she could work with Shandler, they wanted her to pitch!!! Are you kidding me....she has never played this type of softball, and you want her to pitch????? She did awesome and their team came in 2nd out of 13 teams and she pitched every game!!!! She hit a few girls and had one game where every ball seemed to wing out of control, there was frustration and happiness each game!! We had people coming over and asking who she was, telling us what a fantastic athlete she was and some disgusted that she was pitching like that at her age. I just grinned and often laughed....if they only knew!!! It was a fun summer and her coaches and the sponsor of the team were SO glad to have her!!!

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